Here are some comments from our parents about their experience's of Wee Ones Nursery:


Parents Review - June 2022
Florence has loved wee ones you all have been so supportive of her and us... always listening and responding.  From all the Umbers family a really massive thank you.  Arthur I know will love his remaining years in tree tops and clouds. 


Parents Review - May 2022
Both our children have had wonderful experiences at Wee Ones. The love, care and attention of your whole team has been outstanding and we send our whole hearted thanks to everyone. We’re sad to take Florence out, but logistically and financially, this move makes sense for our family.


Parents Review - Jan 2022

My daughter has been at Wee Ones since she was 1, in both the Garden Room and the Balcony Room. We have loved Wee Ones - she has been so happy there from the start and literally runs into nursery each day hugging the teachers. She has developed so much in her time there and we love seeing all the activities that she does each week through app updates, photos, newsletter and especially her art book which we got at the end of the year! I was initially concerned leaving her in nursery 5 days a week especially having lived most of her life in lockdown but we feel so fortunate now knowing she is happy and being so well looked after. Unfortunately we are leaving before she moves to Tree Tops due to a house move, we will all miss Wee Ones very much and are very grateful to the staff for the care and education they have provided.


Xaver Parents

Xaver started in the Garden Room at 11 months old. His transition from being with me full time to being at Wee Ones three days a week couldn’t have been better. We felt fully supported as a family in this transition and Iwona and her team went above and beyond to help him settle. He was quickly hungry for more Wee Ones time so at 12 months he went to four days a week. He adores all the creative play, circle time and outside garden play that the environment offers. The app and regular updates allow me to still feel close to his development and to see how he was getting on each day. Can’t recommend this nursery enough. 


Charlotte Braun

Both our daughters loved their time at Wee Ones, from 8 months old to 4 years old. All the staff are wonderful and we can't thank them enough! The children are well looked after, the activities and food are great - it's a great nursery. We will miss you, thank you for everything.


Laura Clark

Wee Ones is an exceptional nursery. From day one, we felt our child was loved, cared for and nurtured by the incredible staff. The facilities are great with welcoming rooms that celebrate the arts, craft and achievements of the children, whilst the play areas outside are spacious and varied. Our daughter has grown and learnt so much under the guidance of the nursery staff and teachers. From yoga and Spanish to Playball and sports, every day is filled with fun, motivational, confidence-building activity. The communication with parents is great with an app providing instant updates on our child through the day, perfect for those nervous first weeks but now a wonderful record of her development with pictures, detailed progress reports and special events.


Jon Wingent

 Our daughter has been at Wee Ones for 2.5 years and she has absolutely loved her time there. All of the staff are amazing and it is such a friendly place. We have been really impressed with the recent adaptions around Covid, allowing the children to continue to develop and enjoy themselves in a safe and welcoming environment. We will miss the parents, the children and the staff dearly, with a special mention and big thank you to her key workers during her time there and most recently, the Clouds team. Thank you and we will miss you and cannot recommend Wee Ones highly enough.


Genevieve Litterick

 Both my children have attended Wee-Ones and they have absolutely loved it and have made so many friends. They started in the Garden Room and Pea Pod and went all the way through to Clouds. In each class, they had fantastic teachers who were all energetic and nurturing. The outdoor space is such a treat to have and the different daily activities are wonderful. They loved going on their first trips to see a play or to visit the wetlands centre or local park. The nativity plays and sports days are so special and we will really miss the nursery.


Benjamin Banks

Our daughter attended the nursery from September 2020 till February 2021 and was part of the Pea Pods. On account of a house move, it is with regret that we have to find a new nursery. Wee Ones has been absolutely fantastic for her development and that is testament to the quality of the staff and the environment that is provided for the children. Our daughter loves going to Wee Ones which, along with her development, are the best indicators of an outstanding nursery. The facilities are first class with a nutritional menu for the children. The ParentZone app they use also provided us with daily updates including observation, photos and videos. A big thank you to all the staff but in particular the team from the Pea Pods room for all your help.


Our daughter attended the nursery from September 2020 till February 2021 and was part of the Pea Pods. On account of a house move, it is with regret that we have to find a new nursery. Wee Ones has been absolutely fantastic for her development and that is testament to the quality of the staff and the environment that is provided for the children. Our daughter loves going to Wee Ones which, along with her development, are the best indicators of an outstanding nursery. The facilities are first class with a nutritional menu for the children. The ParentZone app they use also provided us with daily updates including observation, photos and videos. A big thank you to all the staff but in particular the team from the Pea Pods room for all your help.

February 2021.

After 6 months in the Garden room we wanted to pass on our sincere thanks and huge appreciation for the wonderful care that Iris has given him. He has progressed so fast thanks to the attention and help she has provided every day and we could not be more grateful. If there’s an employee of the year - or month- please give it to Iris!

January 2021.

“Wee Ones is a wonderful nursery school and I couldn't have wished for a better start for my daughter. The staff are warm, friendly, affectionate, kind and professional and I had no qualms about leaving her in the very capable hands of the Garden Room staff from when she was just 10 months old. Now that she has moved up to Balcony Room, my daughter practically skips into the nursery each morning, barely turning around to wave goodbye. She has come on leaps and bounds since starting at Wee Ones and everyone at the nursery have offered my daughter excellent levels of affection, support and guidance. I appreciate the regular updates via the Parentzone app and the meals offered to the children are of a very high standard. I can't recommend the school enough!! ”
Best Wishes Emma Dodd.

“I found choosing a nursery for our son so difficult- he is our only child, was due to start four days a week at only eight months old and I had no idea of what I should be looking for when we did the tours. When I looked at Wee Ones though I instantly knew it was where I wanted him to go, and we are so happy we made this decision. Jesse has thrived in the Garden Room. He is always so happy when he is passed to the staff in the mornings and smiling when he comes home. We are kept up to date with all he is doing via ParentZone and the meals he eats always sound so delicious. The staff are attentive, caring and kind. One once said to me ‘we all work here because we love children’ and you see that love every day- they care for yours like they are their own and that’s what makes this place so special. I would recommend Wee Ones to anyone! ”
Thanks Steph.

“Our little boy has attended wee ones since he was 1 and he loves it! I feel that they give us lots of information about his day and his development. The staff are so kind and helpful and really seem to love the children. I’m so happy we chose Wee Ones!”
Samantha Moody.

"I wanted to say a big thanks to all of the staff in Pea Pods taking care of my son Rohan. It was very heart-warming showing the photos of the Pea Pods staff to Rohan at home and seeing him smiling and getting excited. It surely reminded him of all the fun he's had at the nursery."
Zara Ali

“Sadly the time to say goodbye to Wee Ones has come. It’s been an amazingly beautiful journey to go through Garden, Balcony, Tree Tops and Clouds with both Allegra and Fabiola and seeing them flourishing and developing into small human beings on the way. We will always be so grateful to you all, and keep some very fond memories of those six years together. Can’t believe I won’t be at the gates in a few months!”
Rossana Conti.

“Thank you for everything Wee Ones has given to him. You have all very much been a huge part of his life, from which he has grown into an amazing boy and I know he will take many happy memories into the rest of his life that awaits him.”
Shelley MacIntyre.

“She has loved every minute there - she will be so sad to leave but a few others are going to the same school as her which will be lovely.”
C Beattie.

“Our daughter happily settled into the Pod from 9 months old and has been lovingly cared for through into the Balcony room. She's made friends and learnt to walk, talk,  socialise and share with her friends in a fun environment. The outside space is such a bonus and the staff always work with you to overcome any issues with not eating or sleeping at nursery. We'll miss Wee Ones terribly. '”
C Mullens.

“She has been so happy at Wee Ones and it's been wonderful to see her learn and flourish, so a huge thank you to everyone who has made her time at the nursery so positive. In particular, she described Monica (one of the carers in Clouds) as 'a really, really nice lady. She is very kind and has a lovely voice and lovely clothes!'”
Anna Richards, Mother of Bella.

"Thanks to all the staff at Wee ones for looking after our daughter Scarlett over the last 2 years. She absolutely loved her time and has developed significantly! The Garden and Balcony rooms were both great and we were thrilled we sent her to wee-ones."
Matt Willcock

"To all of the Teachers and my classmates, I want to really thank you all for taking such good care of me and being my friend. I will cherish my time spent in Clouds and Wee Ones (so will my mum and dad). I will really really miss you all. If your ever in Esher I’d love to see you. Lots of love, and many thanks, your friend always, "
Oscar & William, Ashling & Clara.

"Our boys have both been at Wee Ones since their first birthdays. As parents, we are really happy with the excellent care they get at the nursery. They have come on leaps and bounds in terms of their physical and 'academic' development (thanks to the excellent Montessori approach), and the most important thing is the incredible pastoral care and love they get from the staff, who are brilliant. As well as the afternoon activities like sport and 'hip hop', the boys have also hugely enjoyed the garden space, which is a real asset to the nursery. Knowing they are in such good hands definitely makes leaving them easier!"
Mr and Mrs Taylor, parents of George and Daniel

"We are really sad to leave Wee ones, after such a wonderful experience, as it has been like a second home for Emilia and Conrado. Not only have they been loved and looked after exceedingly well, but also Emilia has received an excellent education and has been constantly stimulated. We, as parents, always felt very comfortable leaving the kids at nursery every day and we know that all the teachers gave a lot of love to both of our children.  Actually, in most cases they wanted to stay after hours playing in the nursery! We were also very satisfied with all the administration stuff (where Phillipa and Karolina played a major role); the communication to the parents and the flexibility (with the flexible extras) to accommodate our children according to our time-schedule needs."
Tristan Colapinto and Agustina Hitce, parents of Conrado and Emilia

"Our son, Benjamin, has been at Wee Ones since he was one and he is now in the Balcony Room. We're so happy with the team at Wee Ones, he utterly adores his key worker who is endlessly enthusiastic, always super happy, very capable and they really clicked from the start. The atmosphere is always friendly and welcoming, when we drop Ben off each morning he's greeted by his gang of little friends which is very sweet. He hugely benefits from the wide range of activities in the Balcony Room and Ben's love of learning and quickly developing vocab is definitely due in no small part to the team here."
Laura-Jo and Oliver, parents of Benjamin McClintock

"We’re so happy we chose Wee Ones to take care of our daughter. When we came to the open day we immediately got a good feeling. It's clear the teachers really care about the children. We particularly love the daily personalised reports we get from the teachers about Leola's day and what she has been up to. It's a relief and delight to see how happy she is to go to nursery and how she greets her teachers with open arms. It's a positive start to all of our days. Thank you Wee Ones!"
Anna Ladd and Perry Vlachos, Mother and Father of Leola

"My two boys have just started at Wee Ones and I'm extremely pleased overall with the nursery. I like the approach to learning, the structure the day gives them and the fact that there is always lots of variety. The pastoral care has been excellent and we have, from the beginning, felt very welcomed and included. 

"In two weeks my fussy eater has been encouraged and succeeded in trying new things and toilet training has nearly been cracked, after months of trying, not helped by the attitude of our previous nursery. I feel that Wee Ones Nursery is very much the beginning of preparing the boys for going forward to school, rather than just a childcare stop gap."
Emma De Nardi, Mother of Alexander and Thomas

Wee Ones is an excellent nursery.   Our son started there at just 10 months old and it has provided us with fantastic peace of mind, since his first day, knowing he is always in a secure, loving environment.

The nursery has excellent carers who create a great environment in which our son can develop, learn, have fun with other children and be very happy.  He really enjoys Wee Ones and as hard as it is to drop him off each day, it is great to know how happy he is there.
Jenny Pitt, Mother of Oscar

"Our daughter, Laurie, literally stamps her feet with excitement as soon as we enter through the gates of her beloved Wee Ones Nursery. I am not surprised as her day is filled with so many exciting activities. Her key workers have done everything possible to make Laurie's experience of nursery magical. To hear our 18 month year old daughter counting to ten, watch her playing the 'sleeping bunnies' game and 'sing' at her Christmas carol concert is incredible and it is all due to the hard work of the staff at Wee Ones. We could not ask for a better nursery and would highly recommend it to anyone.
John & Hannah Rix, Mother and Father of Laurie

"Just a little to note to say goodbye and a huge thank you to all the staff that have looked after and nurtured Amelia over the last few years at Wee Ones. The team in Tree Tops and Clouds are amazing. Special shout out to Frank, Emma, Laura and Olivia who have had such a positive impact on Amelia and made her feel so loved and made her days so much fun! You all should be so proud of the care and education you deliver, as in our minds it’s top notch. Thank you all so much."
Tee Barnes (former parent at Wee Ones)

"My son George has been attending Wee Ones Nursery for almost 3 years now, and I am delighted with the standard of care and attention shown to him throughout his time there.  The staff are always friendly to parents and genuinely care about the wellbeing of each individual child. 
George has developed a strong group of friends from within Wee Ones and regularly sees them outside the nursery."
Emma Garner (former parent at Wee Ones)

"We have always been very pleased with Wee Ones Nursery and our daughter Lulu seems to love her days there.  The staff are all very friendly and when I pick Lulu up she is always happy and enjoys chatting about what she has been doing during the day. 

She has made some lovely friends and I think has really benefited developmentally from her time at the nursery."
Suzy Slade (former parent at Wee Ones)

"Charlotte loves Wee Ones Nursery and has made some wonderful friends, including children and carers. We know she has fun and busy days from the reports we receive on a daily basis and by seeing how tired and messy she is at home time!

Whilst there is lots of playtime, Charlotte thrives on the structure and support Wee Ones provides.  We are soon to move out of the Wandsworth area, so with a very heavy heart we are having to take Charlotte away from the nursery.   I am not sure we will ever find another nursery that matches the experience we have had there to date."
Jayne Fieldhouse (former parent at Wee Ones)

"Thank you so much to Wee Ones Nursery and their lovely staff for making sure our daughter Jemima has had a secure and happy start to her school career.  They have all been fantastic."
Philippa Rohrs (former parent at Wee Ones)

“Wee ones Nursery has been a second home for us! We have been delighted with the professional yet caring and creative team. They have offered a perfect balance of Montessori education and play, enabling Harry to develop into a well-rounded, independent and confident young boy.”

“Harry has been very stimulated by the huge range of topics each week covering subjects such as nature, history, geography, science, art and culture. It is always a joy to see his handiwork and art display at the end of the day and I know he loves the nursery when he wants to go to nursery even on a Saturday.”
Wendy Wong Chang (former parent at Wee Ones)

“Every time our daughter comes home from Wee Ones Nursery she is tired but buzzing from the experiences of the day. We know she loves it there; her friends means so much to her and we know that the staff couldn't be more loving and caring towards her. What more could we ask for.”
Pianna Addison (former parent at Wee Ones)

"Jas has been doing exceptionally well at his new school, rocketing up the class in reading and writing, and he gets exceptional marks in maths. I personally still believe his incredible progress and success had been formed a long time ago and initiated at Wee Ones, as firm and solid foundations are incredibly important in their educational journey and I want to thank you, Edwina for being unquestionably the key to his success. No doubt it is mostly all because of you, your establishment, the nursery, the way you guys take care of your little ones and the incredibly professional staff you've got there. Very grateful we are!"
Krzysztof Panuchno (former parent at Wee Ones)

"We can’t thank you enough for the most wonderful time that Genevieve has experienced at your fantastic, grown up nursery! You have clearly set a level that all other nurseries should aspire to. We salute you!"
Mr and Mrs Hodge (former parents at Wee Ones)


"We supply to over 1000 nursery sites across the country and have lots of experience in the nursery sector. On a day to day basis we deal with hundreds of nursery staff and all of our customers are absolutely fantastic, but I have to say that I am so pleased that Wee Ones have decided to join us as they are an utter delight. The staff who work there are so enthusiastic about their work, their site and their company and have an air of utmost professionalism and I could not recommend them enough!"

As always we would like to offer a huge thank you to all of the staff at Wee Ones for consistently brightening our day! 
Richard Holland, Connect Technology Group  

To all at Wee Ones, it’s been wonderful spending a year together, laughing, jumping, singing, acting and dancing! I will miss and think of you all. Thank you for your incredible support and enthusiasm. Wishing you all the best.
Francesca, Former teacher of Drama Buds at Wee Ones 

At Reflection Design Studio we have had the privilege of developing and  maintaining the Wee Ones Nursery website. Having worked closely with the staff over  the last few years you very quickly realise why this is such a well-regarded and popular  nursery. The staff are very friendly, welcoming and really do care. I would jump at the chance to send my  children to wee ones and I can't recommend them enough.
Colin Fildes, 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

"Great is the human who has not lost their childlike heart." - Confuscius

“Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them.”- Lady Bird Johnson

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