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We aim to settle your child into their new environment as quickly as possible making the transition for both mother and child as relaxing and happy as possible.

Prior to your child’s settling in process all parents will be required to complete an “all About Me” form.  This form provides Wee Ones with a clear picture of the child’s likes, dislikes and their character that is forming.  This helps us to ensure that the key worker allocated to the family is one that suits both the needs and personality of the child.  The key worker is the parent’s main point of contact at the nursery and is the child’s main carer.

On Thursday morning, the week before a child is due to start, we invite the parents to come in with their child to the nursery.

The Parents are introduced to their Key worker and spend about an hour or so discussing the child's routine including their eating and sleeping habits and answering any questions the key worker might have.

On Friday Morning, the week before they start, the parents will bring their child in the morning to spend a couple of hours at the nursery on their own with their key worker. The key worker will focus on helping the child to become familiar with their new surroundings.

It is hoped that when your child starts at nursery the following week they will feel comfortable enough with their new environment to relax and be happy, making the separation between parent or carer as smooth as possible.