We constantly strive to improve all aspects of our service for both parents and children alike. Our Chef, has worked closely with the Children’s Food Trust to refresh the menu of both the main meals and the snacks that we provide, looking carefully at the balance of nutrition in every meal and making sure we follow the set guidelines that they provide. The children get a choice of low sugar cereals (Shredded Wheat or Weetabix), whole-wheat toast with spreads, porridge or fruit for breakfast. We provide one starch and vegetable-based snack in the morning and one fruit-based snack in the afternoon. Our main meals contain one portion of protein, one portion of starch and at least one portion of vegetables per meal. We balance the meat, fish and protein alternatives over the week. We offer sugar-free (or very low sugar) pudding options or yoghurt sweetened with honey at lunch times and fresh fruit at supper. The children have whole milk or water to drink throughout the day. We do not offer squashes or juice.

At Wee Ones we accommodate all dietary requests and diets for individuals with any specific allergies, intolerances or sensitivities. Vegetarian/ vegan alternatives are provided alongside the meat or fish-based dishes where required.

The menu will change seasonally and if you have any questions please feel free to speak to the chef directly – she’s based in the Clouds floor kitchen! There is a four week rota in the menus. We try to keep the menu as interesting, nourishing and enjoyable as we can for the children, so these menus are subject to change.


“I have always believed that if a child is given beauty, they treat things with respect; if a child is given dignity, they treat others with respect; if a child is given freedom to express themselves and is listened to, they learn self respect.”

Edwina Angell-James,Principal and Owner

Our Mission

Wee Ones’ mission is to ensure that your children’s first experience of Nursery is a rewarding and enjoyable one providing them with a solid foundation for their future education.

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Our Values

These values are at the core to everything we do and reflect the culture of our environment. We will nurture your child’s imagination and build their confidence through praise and support.

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