Events 2022

Balcony will do parents meeting when the child is 2, You will be notified, as they will be done in groups

Tues 1st Feb - Chinese New Year
Monday 14th Feb - Valentine’s Day

Tuesday 1st March - Pancake Day
Thurs 17th March - St Patrick’s Day celebrations, 10am

Fri 18th March - “Red Nose Day dress up day”

Thurs 24th March - Mother’s Day High Tea (TT, Clouds), 4.15pm
Thurs 24th March - Mother’s Day High Tea (Bal, GR), 3pm

Fri 25th March - Mother’s Day High Tea (POD ) 3.30pm

Week 11th April - Garden Room & Pod Parents’ Evening, Zoom Meetings

Week 11th April - Balcony Room Parents Evening, Zoom Meetings

Week 18th April - St George’s Day

Tue 3rd May - School Photographs, 9.30am

Tue 17th May - EYFS Parents Evening (Tree Tops, Clouds), TBC

Fri 17th June - Wee Ones Fathers’ Day Pizza - Bal, Pod GR, 3pm

Fri 17th June - Wee Ones Fathers’ Day Pizza - Clouds & TT, 4.30pm

Tues 21st June -Clouds Sports Day & Picnic, 11am

Tues 28th June - Tree Tops Sports Day and Picnic, 11am

Thurs 7th July - Farm Visit, 9am

Fri 8th July - Garden Room, Pod and Balcony picnic, 10am

Mon 31st Oct Halloween – Wee ones celebrates

Mon 24th Oct Diwali - Celebration at Wee Ones for the “festival of lights!”

Fri 4th Nov Garden, Pod, Balcony Room – Parent’s Evening, Zoom

Week 7th – 10th Nov Tree Tops & Clouds – Montessori Parent’s Evening, Zoom

Tue 6th Dec Clouds Winter Outing, 1.45pm

Tue 13th Dec Tree Tops Winter Outing, 10.15am

Week 5th Dec Clouds & Tree Tops Christmas Nativity Play, 10am

Week 5th Dec Pod, Garden Christmas Concerts, 10am Concerts maybe video’s sent to parents


Closures 2022
Summer Closure August Closure - Wee Ones will be closed from 6pm on Friday 12th August and will re-open on Tuesday 30th August at 8am.
Christmas Closure December Closure - Wee Ones will close on the 23rd December at 12.00pm and re open on 3rd January 2023